Meet the animals

We are gradually building a herd of alpacas and a flock of sheep that have lovely temperaments and beautiful fleeces. Most of our animals have come to join us from other local farms but each year we also welcome lambs from our own Shetland ewes. You can meet the animals when you join us for an alpaca walk or come and stay at our farm campsite.

The alpacas provide fleeces, graze the meadows, and join us for walks around the farm. The sheep also do a fantastic job of grazing, fertilising and growing fleece but are less inclined to walk with us – unless it is on their own terms, in their own direction, when we are not looking.

Our flock of Bovans Goldline hens live with the alpacas in a generally harmonious relationship. The hens produce free range eggs and clean up the paddocks, whilst the alpacas provide protection from predators and a soft back to lean against when the weather is cold.

We also have a small gang of runner ducks. They have made their home on the farm pond and are real characters.

Neel is a member of Hepworth Bee Co-operative and he looks after one of the hives on the farm. We sell honey for the Co-operative and also make and sell beeswax candles. The bees have acres of nectar and pollen mixes planted around the farm as part of the Countryside Stewardship scheme. These plots support the local insect population and provide a valuable nectar source.